With thanks to Batiushka, our writer


The actor and his screenwriter wife, Volodymyr and Olena Zelensky, have gone to Washington. Why evil deeds? Is that not harsh? Not when over 500,000 Ukrainians are confirmed dead, so far. Let us hope they have a one-way ticket. Because when the actor-president is in Washington, he may well find that his pleas for more arms and dollars will be ignored, even though he has sacked most of his corrupt ministers. His scriptwriters in Washington may well instruct him to start negotiations, even though Zelensky may try and blackmail Biden with his son’s deeds. For his own safety he had better not return to Kiev with the message of negotiate. The Nazi thugs around him will not be happy. How about a stay in Miami, where he has a villa by the sea? And if he gets bored, how about moving on to Hollywood, where out of work actors make biopics?

The Western elite tells us that the Ukraine is going to start negotiating with Russia. Has Russia been informed about this? After all, it does need two sides to agree to negotiations before they can start. Did no-one tell the Russians that? The elite has also forgotten that the Ukraine has passed Presidential decrees outlawing negotiations and that its leader has insulted Russia many times. And, from a Russian viewpoint, what is there to talk about anyway, when for eight years between 2014 and 2022 before the Russian Liberation Operation began, the Ukrainians on Western orders refused to negotiate? And they broke off promising negotiations in April 2022 on Anglo-American orders. And then, why should the Russians negotiate when they are on the verge of victory, with prospects of taking Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev, if they want?

The fact is that the Ukraine is nearing collapse, with or without Zelensky. Kiev has been trying to involve others in its war, US or UK troops, or those of NATO Poland, then Estonia, and now of Romania. Without billions of dollars of subsidies from the US and the EU every month, the bankrupt Kiev regime would not be able to pay anyone. If Russia does negotiate, it will first demand conditional surrender. Conditions: All Russian areas return to Russia. For ever. In the rest of the New Ukraine: Self-determination by plebiscite. No NATO. No EU. No Nazis. No military. No US biolabs. No foreign-owned land. No oppression and massacres of Russians. Freedom to use the Russian language and express Russian religion and Russian culture. No corruption. No secret police. Free media and political parties. Free elections. Human rights for all.

Reality and Wishful Thinking

Zelensky has arrived, but too late. Reality has already dawned on some who no longer believe that: ‘The Russian economy has collapsed under Western sanctions. The Russians have run out of fuel, missiles, ammunition, tanks, money and soldiers. Its troops are criminals, or else frightened old men and teenagers, conscripted by force, untrained and thrown at the enemy either without arms or else with obsolete arms from World War II. Russian corpses are piled up in front of the Ukrainian lines, who have far vastly superior and modern NATO weapons. The Ukrainian heroes have been successful everywhere, breaking through and piercing the Russian lines of defence, achieving victories and taking back villages,’ (whose taking back has already been announced, but which in reality have not been taken even once).

All the above were the elite’s projections. It was easy to invent them. All they had to do was to write about the reality of the Ukrainian armed forces, but change the word Ukrainian to Russian. It is all psychological transfer. The Ukrainian Ministry of Propaganda (Information), advised by US PR companies, merely parrots all the hackneyed old cliches of anti-Russian Western propaganda from World War I and World War II. You can read these in any Western-edited history book. These cliches are in turn parroted, on orders from above by Western mainstream media mouthpieces. In reality, since 4 June Kiev has taken back some 282 sq kms of land out of 120,000 sq kms in exchange for 70,000 Ukrainian dead, 250 dead per sq km. But there are those in the West who for ideological reasons prefer to believe their delusions.

Therefore, we are now at the latest deluded Western propaganda proposition. This is that the conflict in the Ukraine is a ‘frozen conflict’, or ‘stalemate’, or ‘a long war’. This is incredible arrogance. Did the Western propaganda machine ask the Russians if they would agree to entertaining a ‘frozen conflict’, or ‘stalemate’, or ‘long war’? Of course not, none of that is what the Russian side will accept. It is all fantasy. None of that is going to happen in reality. These are all just the delusions of wishful thinking. The fact is that the US alone has already sent Kiev $110 billion and the EU at least half as much, together with mothballed stocks of obsolete Western equipment dating back to the period between the 60s and the 90s. How are the elites going to explain to their impoverished electorates that all that money has been lost and wasted?

The Domino Effect

However, the Russian victory leading to peace in the Ukraine is not the end of the Ukrainian story. The Ukraine has huge consequences. Once the Western propaganda and intimidation that Russia wants to conquer all Eastern Europe and so reconstitute the Soviet Empire has been proved absurd, what will happen to the defeated NATO and its political and economic arm, the EU? A defeated NATO is finished; it outlived its shelf life 32 years ago. As for the EU, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have already refused to import Ukrainian grain because they want to protect their farmers. They have also refused to accept the EU quota of illegal immigrants. Why should they? Unlike Western European countries, they never had colonial empires in Africa and Asia and so have no responsibility towards immigrants fleeing from US-ravaged lands.

All the above countries have borders with the Ukraine. EU Romania too. And like Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, they all need Russian energy and fertilisers and Chinese investment in infrastructure, which they cannot get from the EU. And, frankly, the same can be said even for Italy and Germany, which had its Nordstream pipelines blown up by the USA, probably with help from its allies, the UK or Denmark or Norway. The fact is that the survival of the EU, at least in its present form, is highly unlikely, as indeed is the survival of the routed NATO (even if Turkiye actually stays in it – which now also seems unlikely). The EU is not just dividing into its various natural regions, Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern and Central, but something far more radical is happening.

The reality is that if Poland leaves the EU, so will depopulated Lithuania and then depopulated Latvia. If Slovakia leaves, so will its cousin Czechia. If Hungary goes, so will its twin Austria. If Austria goes, so will tiny Slovenia and Croatia. If Romania goes, so will neighbouring Bulgaria and then Greece and Cyprus. And if the market of Eastern Europe has left, then so will Germany. And if Germany at the centre leaves, so will its bank in Luxembourg, its port in the Netherlands, then France and Belgium, with Ireland and then Sweden, Denmark and Finland. And if Finland goes, so will Estonia. And if France goes, so will Italy and Malta and then Spain and Portugal. This is the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1989-1991 mirrored. Like all artificial constructs, the American Empire in Western Europe faces the same fate as the Soviet Empire.

The Collapse of the Post-1945 American Empire

The collapse of the EU will leave the now impoverishing non-EU UK isolated, not to mention non-EU Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. They will all be forced to make peace with ex-EU Europe in order to survive. Then all will have to work out a future without the USA in the New World Order, which began on 24 February 2022. Bankrupt Western Europe will at last have to start treating Eastern Europe as equals. Instead of patronising and trying to force Eastern Europeans into its Western straitjacket of faithlessness, called wokeness, and flooding it with refugees from its ex-empires, it will have to start respecting its values and identity. Moreover, for the first time in their arrogant history, all will also have to respect Russia, their security and energy guarantor, now the largest economy in Europe by PPP and the fifth largest economy in the world.

However, there is the wider world outside Western Europe, which since 1945 has also been ruled by the same American Empire in an alphabet soup of puppet organisations: the World Bank, the UN, the IMF, the OECD, the G7, the G20, ASEAN, AUKUS. All are being overtaken by BRICS +, the new UN, as President Lula of Brazil has called it. Amazingly, on the anachronistic UN Security Council the vast majority of the world is unrepresented. Where is India? Where is Africa? Where is Latin America? BRICS is where the dynamic is. The US elite knows this and that is the real reason why they tried to destroy Russia, using the bribed and flattered Ukraine as their battering ram. That Washington fantasy has been a disastrous failure, so Washington is turning to its next fantasy – China. It actually imagines it can destroy China!

Seeing Russia stand up to the USA and all the illegal Western sanctions, militarily, ideologically and diplomatically, and seeing the economic might of China which out-manufactures the West many times over, the Rest are also standing up. First, China concluded Russian peace propositions in West Asia, once called the Middle East, notably between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Then both Iran and Saudi Arabia and also the UAE are joining BRICS. Then Africa stood up to French colonialism, not just in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, but nearly everywhere in Francafrique, forcing French imperialism and its puppet-Presidents onto the back foot. Then came Latin America. Venezuela was already on the Russian path, but now its second-largest country, Argentina, will be joining BRIC, of which Brazil, over three times bigger, is a founder.

Time To Say Goodbye

In the words of the song, to all that it is time to say goodbye. The 1945 world is over. The short American Century that began in 1945 has been over since 2022. The Russian Federation had seriously been preparing for this moment since 2014 and even before with BRICS, building alliances in view of the existential threat from Western aggression. Western Europe will have to re-form and reform, accepting with its 500 million inhabitants, just 6% of the world population, that it is only a small part of the multipolar Global Community. And that is dominated by China, India, the Russian Federation, Africa, Muslim Asia and Latin America. It will also mean that the US, at last sorting itself out, will be unable to print dollars to paper over its cracks, unable to continue sweeping it all under the carpet. The Day of Reckoning is coming.