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Rowan Wolf obtained her doctorate in Sociology from the University of Oregon and has been teaching sociology since 1992. Her specialized areas of interest are systems of inequality (particularly race, class, and sex); globalization; organizations; and culture and socialization. Her deep concern for nature and animals extend to all areas of intersectional conflict. She lives with her partner (Kelly), and their three dogs (Cody, Fox, and Crow). Rowan serves as Editor in Chief of Cyrano’s Journal Today, a fraternal site of The Greanville Post. Rowan’s email is
Paris Commune, socialism

Roots to social democracy/capitalism, socialism

First published on 15 aug 2016. Reposted on 14 September 2017 Scandinavia on the Skids: The Failure of Social Democracy (Part 2 of a 7 part series on Scandinavia’s “Socialism”) hilosophical forefathers of a socialistic

Monutment to the victims of capitalism

Capitalism Myth 10: Growth is the Only Way

The emphasis on GDP growth at all costs has led to wasteful resource use, particularly by the wealthier countries, on an unparalleled scale and without a backward glance. It is often noted that the economy is a subset of the ecological system, but equally there seems to be a belief that nature can cope with anything we throw at it.


Edward W. Said On Orientalism

NOTE: Edward Said wrote a new preface for the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of his classic book, ORIENTALISM, originally published in the USA by Random House in 1978. In the following pages I have quoted some of


A Nonviolent Strategy to Liberate Syria

[Photo: Literally rivers of Syrians abandon a nation largely broken up by the imperial assault.It is time for a better way.] =By= Robert J. Burrowes n early 2011, as the Arab Spring was moving across