NY Times exposé on Trump fortune: An empire built on tax evasion and fraud

BARRY GREY—By agreement with the father, the Trump children used All County as a vehicle for siphoning millions of dollars from the Fred Trump real estate empire to themselves without having to pay gift taxes to the government. Fred Trump then used the artificially induced hit to the profitability of his apartment buildings to apply for and receive permission from the state to raise rents on tenants in his rent-regulated properties.


Luciana Bohne discusses Washington’s efforts to subjugate Russia

The US and its accomplices, especially Britain, spent most of the 20th and much of the 21st centuries trying to smother Soviet communism, and now Russia’s reemergence as an independent power. Churchill, an abject and unapologetic colonialist and imperialist strongly advised “the West” to strangle the “Bolshevik baby” in its cradle. The next decades saw cold and hot wars—including the Western-tolerated buildup of a huge German fascist army with the express purpose of having such force defeat and smash the hated communists. Even before the Second World War was finished, he was advising, with plenty of American interest, the notion the USSR should be invaded and nuked. The Anglo-Americans knew all along that Russia would not abide by Washington’s hegemonic ambitions, or its savage capitalism forever mentality.


Hal: A documentary about American filmmaker Hal Ashby (The Last Detail, Shampoo, Coming Home)

DAVID WALSH—The award-winning, staunchly anti-war Coming Home (with a screenplay co-written by the formerly blacklisted Waldo Salt) centers on a conservative military wife (Jane Fonda) whose husband (Bruce Dern) is deployed to Vietnam in 1968. As a volunteer in a veterans’ hospital, she meets and falls in love with a paralyzed Vietnam veteran (Jon Voight), who has become a determined opponent of the war.