The Yellow Vests in their own words——”It’s not a demonstration, it’s an uprising!”

PATRICE GREANVILLE—The people of France are simply fed up with the status quo prescribed by neoliberalism and its tentacles in every sector of society—media, politics, and certainly the economy. Here they express their pent-up anger in cogent and impassioned words. It’s worth noting their circumstances apply now to most countries in the so-called developed world, not to mention the uber-exploited third world.


British perfidy in Greece: a story worth remembering

The setting for the events of December 3 cuts deep into Greek and British history. Greece, during the pre-war period, was ruled by a Royalist dictatorship whose emblem of a fascist axe and crown well expressed its dichotomy once war began: the dictator, General Ioannis Metaxas, had been trained as an army officer in Imperial Germany to which he felt aligned, while Greek King George II – an uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – was closely attached to Britain. The Greek left meanwhile had been re-inforced by a huge influx of politicised refugees and liberal intellectuals from Asia Minor, who populated the Aegean islands and crammed into the slums of Pireaus and working-class Athens.