American Drones ATTACKED Russian Base in Syria—

This video—published on a US, unapologetically imperialist platform owned by Google—has a huge majority of comments supporting the Russian position and castigating the American (ruling class) duplicity and warmongering behaviour. This is healthy to say the least, as the comments incude the opinions of many sincere Americans. Apparently, the criminal lies and excesses of the empire have finally created (along with the Internet) a veritable transnational audience where old-fashioned nationalism no longer holds as it used to. And that is healthy for the human race.


Politico Report Says Russiagaters Should Prepare To Kiss My Ass

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—None of the investigations arising from the Russiagate conspiracy theory have turned up a single shred of evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to rig the 2016 election, or to do anything else for that matter. All that the shrill, demented screeching about Russia has accomplished is manufacturing support for steadily escalating internet censorship, a massively bloated military budget, a hysterical McCarthyite atmosphere wherein anyone who expresses political dissent is painted as an agent of the Kremlin and any dissenting opinions labeled “Russian talking points”, a complete lack of accountability for the Democratic Party’s brazen election rigging, a total marginalization of real problems and progressive agendas, and an overall diminishment in the intelligence of political discourse. The Russiagaters were wrong, and they have done tremendous damage already.


EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Reporters Whose Pages Were Shut Down By Facebook

Rachel Blevins, a correspondent for RT America: Today I was locked out of my Facebook account for four hours, and my public page was “unpublished.” There appears to be no explanation for this other than the vague claim from Facebook that my page was taken down because it was “administered by a fake account, misleading users or violating the Facebook spam policies.” I am the only person who publishes posts on my page; the only posts I publish are articles I have written or videos of my reports, and I only post one or two times a day — which rules out all of the claims that I have violated Facebook’s policies. My page had nearly 70,000 followers before it was taken down. I have poured the last four years into building my page as a journalist, and I have noticed recently that the reach seems to have been stifled and that the engagement on my posts was down significantly. I know that I am not the only one who has become a victim of this purge, and there are hundreds of other pages — many of which had millions of followers — that have been taken down with no warning and no explanation.