What’s the INF & why does it matter? Trump wants to kill pivotal nuclear treaty that calmed the Cold War

Claiming the move is crucial to counter the alleged growing threat from both Russia and China, US President Donald Trump stressed the situation was “unacceptable” and that the US will “have to develop those weapons.” Announcing his intention to scrap the INF commitments, Trump boasted: “So we have a tremendous amount of money to play with our military.”


Remembering Russia’s Black October

October 3-4 marks the anniversary of the heroic uprising against Boris Yeltsin’s imperialist-backed attack on the Supreme Soviet in Moscow. The uprising’s defeat represented the final overturn of socialist relations and the restoration of capitalism in the USSR. Several years of counter-revolutionary developments within and without had seriously demoralized the Soviet working class. Generations of non-combative, revisionist leadership left the Soviet people unprepared to fight back to defend socialism.