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Military Parade Cancelled, How Does Peace Movement Build on This Victory?

On Thursday, the Pentagon leaked a new $92 million cost for the parade, more than six times the original estimate. The cost included $13.5 million for DC police for crowd control and security. This alone was more than the initial $12 million cost estimate for the total parade. DC officials noted the parade would “breed protests and counter-protests, adding to city officials’ logistical headaches.” Kellyanne Conway also took jabs at protesters when she discussed the cancellation of the parade on FOX and Friends.


Blum’s Anti-Empire Report: The mind of the mass media

BILL BLUM—“Democracy assistance”, you see, is what they call NED’s election-interferences and government-overthrows. The authors continue: “This narrative is churned out by propaganda outlets such as RT and Sputnik [radio station]. … it is deployed by isolationists who propound a U.S. retreat from global leadership.” “Isolationists” is what conservatives call critics of US foreign policy whose arguments they can’t easily dismiss, so they imply that such people just don’t want the US to be involved in anything abroad.


Eric Schechter: Out of the capitalist fog

ERIC SCHECHTER—The starting position is to not be awake at all. In this stage, you simply aren’t paying any attention to the news. Perhaps you vote once every four years, and that is the extent of your political involvement. And you vote for one of the two major parties, the one your family has chosen for decades, because it’s “good” and the other one is “bad.” You listen to the news sources that seem truthful to you — FOX if you’re a Republican, MSNBC if you’re a Democrat.