Syrian/Russian Offensive to Liberate Aleppo

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stephen-lendmanPre-war, it was Syria’s largest city and commercial hub. Hundreds of thousands fled the fighting.  US backed terrorists committed massacres, gruesome atrocities and vast destruction. Syrians vow to rebuild the city after liberating it, including restoring damaged archeological sites. 

Aleppo, widespread destruction at the hands of US-spawned and supported lunatics.

A joint Syrian military/Russian aerial forces offensive is being prepared similar to Palmyra’s liberation. More on this below.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, “(o)ver the past six months, government troops and patriotic forces backed by the Russian air group have liberated about 500 settlements, tens of thousands of square kilometers.” 

“A considerable part of the territory is under control of the pro-government force.” Thirty km of territory around liberated Al-Qaryatayn are controlled by government forces.

“(H)undreds of times more such territories” were liberated since 2015. Things are “gaining momentum.” Syrians hope for liberating the entire country from terrorists.

Latakia province and most parts of Hama and Homs were retaken. Vast areas are back in government hands, advancing Syrian military forces greatly aided by Russian air power and intelligence continue routing ISIS and other terrorists.

According to Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halaki, “(w)e, together with our Russian partners, are preparing for an operation to liberate Aleppo and block all illegal armed groups which have not joined the ceasefire deal or violated it” – retaking Deir Ezzor to follow.

Russian intelligence reported over 1,000 heavily armed Jabhat al-Nusra fighters concentrated north of Aleppo in Muheimhandrat, Jandul, Hraitan and Qafr-Hamra. A major joint Syrian/Russian operation intends liberating them from its scourge.

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