Drugged!! (With bonus interview w. Michel Chossudovsky)

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—In essence, what those bombarding Big Pharma ads have done is legitimatized drug use for what ails us. Yes, there are some life saving drugs needed for some extreme conditions, but they are in the minority. Big Pharma runs the show, as they did a few years ago when they pushed the shit out of those opioid painkillers. Our ‘ bought and paid for’ Two Party/One Party politicians did nothing at the time to curb this horror. Now they all, including this Johnny come lately president, jump on the bandwagon.


Why Police Kill So Often

CARL FINAMORE—Disorganized rebellion becomes riot. Because oppressed communities of color are politically isolated and left to fend for themselves without support from organized labor or from the white majority, their frustration sometimes explodes into disorganized, individual acts of random violence which then makes the community even more vulnerable to police attacks.


Hal: A documentary about American filmmaker Hal Ashby (The Last Detail, Shampoo, Coming Home)

DAVID WALSH—The award-winning, staunchly anti-war Coming Home (with a screenplay co-written by the formerly blacklisted Waldo Salt) centers on a conservative military wife (Jane Fonda) whose husband (Bruce Dern) is deployed to Vietnam in 1968. As a volunteer in a veterans’ hospital, she meets and falls in love with a paralyzed Vietnam veteran (Jon Voight), who has become a determined opponent of the war.