Venezuela on the Edge of Civil War

Symbolic or not, the U.S. Empire propaganda mill is already churning out that President Nicolas Maduro is no longer the legitimate president of Venezuela. As in Syria, when the Empire labels a president illegitimate it uses it as a figREAD ON

Lament in an Insane World – Saudi Arabia: The Tragedy of the “Ships of the Desert.” Stateless, Expelled Camels.

In wars, embargoes and disputes affecting borders, animals too are often victims, if ignored and forgotten ones. Also forgotten are Trump’s repeated campaign commitments that the US would no longer murderously meddle in policies in far away places. Indeed, theREAD ON


In the forced-labor camp where my father was tortured by the Japanese, the POWs killed anyone who collaborated.  Indeed, the ranking POW in my father’s camp, an English Major, made a deal with the Japanese guaranteeing that no one wouldREAD ON

Glioblastoma As Metaphor

How should we feel or think when we’ve learned that this man has a virulent form of cancer, a glioblastoma whose tentacles will reach into his central nervous system, causing a range of symptoms like headaches, nausea, drowsiness, blurred vision,READ ON

Mail Feces

  Among the many repulsive mails we get every day, we rarely escape receiving one from the pathetically corrupt Democratic party, its ghoulish Clintonian wing, these days chiefly operating through a new scam they have set up, the obnoxious ON

Of “Heroes” and “Communist Dictators”

See more at: Since my first meeting with McCain in 2004, I am under no illusion that he is “independent” or not too reprehensible. In a nation of reprehensibles, he is near the top (or bottom) of the dung-heap.READ ON