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The Putin Interviews—Oliver Stone’s Greatest Contribution (Videos)

In four hours extracted from encounters spanning two years (2015—2017), Putin emerges as an articulate, intelligent, eloquent and highly knowledgeable person. Informal and unassuming to a fault, he mixes freely with people, plays hockey, practices judo, does his morning exercisesREAD ON

LUKOMORYE—Poets Pave the Road to the Golden Age

Kierkegaard idealized the role and life of  poets as despair. (Either/Or) Similarly also the greatest political idealists, those whose ideas can change the world—just as every poet aspires to do—experience extreme despair and doubt. They too quake in doubt andREAD ON

Countries involved in Syrian Civil War

Emigre Super Bloc Part VII: Why Hillary Clinton Will Appoint Old World Nationalists to Cabinet Positions

[Map of countries involved in the Syrian “civil war.” Note Ukraine at 22. Credit: Daily Star.] =By= GH Eliason, Distinguished Collaborator hether you are for Hillary Clinton or against her, the problem with Hillary Clinton isn’t her lack of experience.READ ON

The Catcher in the Lie

=By= William Stonkton his edition of CB News examines the “information war” that has been started against Russia. This is an international effort that provides a drumbeat of propaganda against Russia. These types of orchestrated campaigns are very difficult toREAD ON