The Dalai Lama’s remarks on migrants follow a CIA, Nazi and slavery-linked history

MAX PARRY—Unlike far rightists in Eastern Europe or Greece’s Golden Dawn, the Sweden Democrats are part of a slick and optical re-branding of ultra nationalism that emphasizes Islamophobia over anti-Semitism, with other examples such as Ukip and France’s Front National. This pragmatic approach has not gone unpunished, however, as Viktor Orban of Hungary just saw his country slapped with sanctions by the European Parliament for enacting measures restricting immigration as the clash between anti-globalists and neo-liberal ‘inclusive capitalists’ appears to be escalating.


Caleb Maupin dissects Jim Carrey’s idea of socialism

Terribly lucid, as usual. But I think Caleb is wrong in saying the US post office is not an example of socialism (as are all public libraries of one kind or another). In fact, we could also argue that emergency municipal ambulances and the fire department in most localities are also examples of the idea of socialism far more than capitalism. They are islands of socialism in the ocean of capitalism, constantly buffetng them. Does anyone get a bill from the fire deparment after they put out a fire in their homes? True, the boundaries are sometimes fluid, so I’ll just leave it at that. —PG


Latest Skripal development is rocket fuel to existing anti-Russia fever in London

JOHN WIGHT—Going forward, this will only add more grist to the mill of a neocon firmament whose very existence is predicated on maintaining Russia in the role of existential threat to Western civilization. A frog’s chorus of calls and demands for ever more stringent trade, financial and economic sanctions against Moscow will reach a crescendo, buttressed by an uptick in the deployment of troops and military assets to eastern Europe in a futile effort to intimidate and cow the Kremlin into accepting its prescribed status as a vassal of Washington and its allies.