ACTION ALERT: MSNBC’s ‘Resistance’ to Trump’s Venezuela Coup Ranges from Silence to Support

ADAM JOHNSON—Aside from Hayes’ brief chiding, primetime coverage of Trump’s coup on MSNBC has been entirely nonexistent: Searching turned up nothing about Venezuela in recent weeks on Hardball With Chris Matthews, the Rachel Maddow Show, Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell or 11th Hour With Brian Williams. The vast bulk of the coverage, such that it is, has been during the daytime, and has been largely fluffy, pro-regime change propaganda.


Disinformers at work: the US media’s unrelenting demonisation of Venezuelan government

B WHELAN—Disinformers are the rule in the US media and that of vassal states—practically the entire “Western” media machine—many of whom simply translate and reproduce the lies being created and disseminated by the big US engines of propaganda. All major corporate media have stables of experienced propagandists covering foreign affairs. At CBS such group includes the likes of Elizabeth Palmer, a woman who has long perfected the sordid art of lying with a straight face, projecting faux empathy with the “victims” of a government persecuted by the Washington mafia, and of injecting innuendo and omission as a technique to suppress the truth.


Belgium paralyzed as massive strike cancels all flights, halts public transport & blocks roads

RT COM—Aside from transportation industry employees, the strike also included a large number of government workers. This means that schools and nurseries were also shut down for the day, and police have had to temporarily replace staff in Belgian prisons. Those participating in the 24-hour work stoppage are members of Belgium’s three largest trade unions, who together boast nearly 4 million members out of the country’s total population of 11 million. Their combined efforts are expected to cause tens of millions of Euros in economic damage.