Russia Is Ready To Defend Venezuela After Syria – Truth About The World We Live In!

Donald Trump, or more commonly known as Potus, say’s he’s driving it. To a certain extent he is correct. While American media insists the low oil prices are just the natural cycle of the market at work, it’s rather convenient for U.S. foreign policy. Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Iran all have economies centered around state-owned oil companies and oil exports, and each of these countries has suffered the sting of low oil prices. During the George W. Bush administration, oil prices were the highest they had ever been. The destruction of Iraq, sanctions on Iran and Russia, strikes and turmoil in Nigeria — these events created a shortage on the international markets, driving prices up. And this is when America discovered their grip on the oil markets and manipulated it.


That Time Winston Churchill Wanted To Start World War 3… Before World War 2 Was Even Over

RS AHTHION—The British (and American) ruling classes barely denazified West Germany. From 1949 to 1973, 90 of the 170 leading judges and lawyers in the West German Justice Ministry were former members of the Nazi Party. Of them, 34 were former Sturmabteilung (SA). The SA being the paramilitary group which assisted Hitler in his rise and took part in Kristallnacht, the violent night that killed 91 Jews.


F.W. ENGDAHL: Why NATO Wants to Destroy Putin’s Russia—the Cold War that Never Ended

F W ENGDAHL—With even a primitive missile defense shield, the US could theoretically attack Russian missile silos and submarine fleets with far less fear of effective retaliation; the few remaining Russian nuclear missiles would be unable to launch a sufficiently destructive response. That, at least, was the idea behind US missile defense. It was not defensive in any way, rather extraordinarily offensive.