When Worse is the Enemy of Bad


There comes a time in the decline of an empire when–in its hubris, its arrogance–it decouples from reason and blindly blunders toward its fate in a ludicrous ugly trance of stupidity.  To paraphrase Walter Cronkite–we are there.

Trump makes his one positive, even useful, gesture as President, and the decayed corpse of the Democratic Party bursts its cerements with a stinking roar of horror.

The claim that all that is wrong with America is due to the malignant machinations of Putin is the most blatantly false, potentially disastrous bucket of bullshit ever inflicted by the matrix on this ignorant, credulous, propagandized people.

The MSM–the PR arm of the War Machine Complex that owns us–has so infected the national mind with the sleazy fiction concocted by the Democrat’s Geezer Politburo–the DNC slugs, Schumer, Pelosi and their geriatric myrmidons–that Trumpophobe Automatons rage at Putin and howl for a war, the horror of which they can’t begin to imagine.

Because hostility, provocation and resultant war is exactly what is comprehended in this national insanity.  Blaming their election loss on Russia, after decades impoverishing working people for the obscene enrichment of the War Machine and its megacorporate monsters, would just be ridiculous if it weren’t so foolishly, desperately dangerous.

As vile, as odious as he is, Democrat honchos know they can’ t beat Trump by shell-gaming Americans for their Wall Street donors any more–hey, it worked fine for ages–so they slime him as a traitor in bed with that monster we’ve been made to fear most: Putin and the Evil Empire Redux.

More incredibly, they’ve persuaded so-called progressives, who, historically, fiercely defended the Bill of Rights and valiantly battled the house organs of the National Security State, that those goats nests of dishonesty and disease are pure, unsullied repositories of Constitutional rectitude.

After decades of proven baldfaced crime, deceit and the  dirtiest pool at home and abroad, the CIA, FBI, NSA, the Justice Department and the whole foetid nomenklatura of  sociopathic rats, are portrayed as white knights of virtue dispensing verity as holy writ.  And “progressives” buy it.

These are the vermin that gave us Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs, Chile, the Contras, Iraq’s WMD, and along the way managed to miss the falls of the Shah and Communism.

Truly an Orwellian clusterfuck, this.  War Party Dems misleading naive liberal souls sickened by Trump into embracing the dirty, vicious lunacy Hillary peddled to her fans, the bankers, brokers, and CEOs of the War Machine.

Trump is a fool who may yet blunder us into war; the Dems and the Deep State cabal would give us war by design.

Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: hgmnude@bresnan.net  

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3 thoughts on “When Worse is the Enemy of Bad

  1. Agreed w every word except this: “managed to miss the falls of the shah and communism”. The Shah was removed by a grass roots revolution, Communism, in Russia you must mean, was set on a course for destruction from an inside 5th column. The Dems played no part in these situations. Neither did Reagan in the latter case. You are getting there, but read deeper.

  2. Back to the future

    What has really broken up the US in its endeavors to conquer and dominate is its dismal lack of education compared to other parts of the world. It is by now no secret that skills in learning and thinking are well behind those of even developing countries. That this state of affairs is deliberate is without doubt because it hides the true intents of the ruling classes and prepares the unwitting public for every outrage performed in its name, from Nagasaki to Vietnam and onward to Afghanistan and Libya. One can find the evidence clearly by following the cable news stations which are mired in propaganda and misinformation to a degree that their news has little relation to actuality. So an old chestnut is being re-roasted, namely that of Russian interference in US politics and

  3. any common-sensical sane person wonders how a little education can bring one on to the screen as a so-called journalist. Incompetence is at the order of the day and totally deleterious to any insight into reality. A confederacy of dunces.

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