Understanding the Conflict in Nicaragua: the Long Battle Against US Imperialism

CELINA STIEN-DELLA CROCE—We mustn’t forget that the United States has a long history of meddling in Latin America and supporting regime change to further its own economic interests. In Nicaragua, the United States supported the brutal Somoza dictatorship and funded the right-wing Contras in an attempt to defeat the Sandinistas during the iconic Iran-Contra scandal. With this history in mind, are we really to believe that the US government has the best interest of the Nicaraguan people at heart? Are they concerned about the people’s grievances with Ortega, or is there something else at stake?


Coming Soon to your Neighborhood: 5G Wireless

RENEE PARSONS—Today’s AI’s are able to replace human functions and are capable of doing human things faster and better than any human. In other words, you may be relieved of all requirements to work or think or function as an engaged human being. All it would take is for an indulgent public to allow IT to do the thinking; make all life decisions until eventually there would be no real purpose in life and humans will be superfluous or extinct.


The Sports of Kings

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—Wherein the author reflects on the capitalist (aka “the American Way of Life”) compulsion to penetrate everything, corrupt everything, exploit everything profitable, and make everything and everyone a piece of merchandise to be bought and sold for the benefit of the market’s chief beneficiaries, all the while injecting ever greater doses of inequality. Politicians, sports stars and media celebrities are also big ticket commodities, even when they deny it or fail to realise it.  Meanwhile CEOs, the grand priests of the system, also cash in at the top making obscene amounts of money for labor that is often anti-social!