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The DHS Created Their “Ministry of Truth”

Craig Pasta Jardula and Fiorella Isabel discuss the truly Orwellian (and underhanded) measures being introduced by the US ruling class ...
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The US war over Ukraine is a phase in the West’s hybrid war on Russia

RHADIKA DESAI—It is a sign of the difficult choices Europe has had to make in this conflict that even the ...
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Kim Iversen: PayPal BANS Independent Anti-War Journalists

Kim Iversen criticizes PayPal for choosing to cut off their services to some independent media organizations and journalists. We reached ...
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MSNBC Host: “Higher Gas Prices Save Ukrainian Lives!”

MSNBC host [and professional presstitute] Ali Velshi claims he’s anti-war, but you wouldn’t know it to hear what he says ...
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Russia Crushing Ukrainian Army – No Threat of Nuclear WWIII

Putin’s warning….weapons you have never seen and have no answer for - hypersonic Kinzal, Avantgard missiles. Russia security and survival ...
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May 1945: Nazi Germany Surrenders, but… on May 7, 8, or 9?

JACQUES PAUWELS—The Great War of 1914-1918 had ended with a clear and unequivocal armistice, namely in the form of an ...
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GONZALO LIRA Gives UKRAINE WAR Update With Jackson Hinkle

In an interview with Jackson Hinkle, Gonzalo Lira holds forth about the latest developments in Ukraine, including the possible embarrassing ...
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Poland began to build defenses around Lviv: How Ukraine will eventually be divided

Kiva considers the suspension of the transportation of most of the new weapons received from NATO to the war zone, ...
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Danny Haiphong: Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine EXPLAINED

The real roots of the Ukraine war, explained by the admirable Danny Haiphong. This is what the mainstream media and ...
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Eva’s reminder: The meaning of being truly human

EVA BARTLETT—From my Donetsk rental (cheaper than the cheapest hotel---which was booked when I arrived). By the way, water cuts ...
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PayPal’s IndyMedia Wipeout

ABOUT PAYPAL BANNING OF DISSENTING SITES: “A secretive process in which they could award themselves damages, not by a judge ...
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Biden’s move to impose a DHS board to combat “online disinformation” hits some rough seas

At least for the moment, the bipartisan project to muzzle the US population is hitting a bump on the road ...
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