Trump: Operative for the National Democratic Party?

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—So, how could the Trumpster work to aid the powerful National Democratic Party? Well, look what has transpired. Trump and his minions, and of course the Real Deep State Fat Cats who run the Military Industrial Empire, they have done so much to destroy we working stiffs. All across the board this Trump crew is a disaster in every way. Not enough, sadly, to wake up those fools within his ‘ base’, many with not a pot to piss in. The polls reveal my claim that Trump is sending millions of people, including  many among that 50% of eligible voters who don’t even vote, to the open arms of the Dems.


Median CEO pay in US tops $1 million a month

PATRICK MARTIN—Loepp is by far the best-paid chief executive officer of a company that is still nominally not-for-profit—but posted an “operating margin” last year of $605 million—and which, because of its longstanding relationship with the auto industry, the UAW and the AFL-CIO, has eight union executives on its board of directors.These union officials approved the bonus and other compensation for Loepp and set the “targets” that Loepp had to meet, which were achieved by cutting the jobs and benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield workers, many of them members of the UAW, as well as benefits for workers insured by the company, which is the principal health insurer for unionized workers across the state.


The “Holodomor” and the Film “Bitter Harvest” are Fascist Lies (Updated)

GROVER FURR—Soviet leaders, Stalin among them, decided that the only solution was to reorganize agriculture on the basis of large factory-type farms like some in the American Midwest, which were deliberately adopted as models. When sovkhozy or “Soviet farms” appeared to work well the Soviet leadership made the decision to collectivize agriculture. Contrary to anticommunist propaganda, most peasants accepted collectivization. Resistance was modest; acts of outright rebellion rare. By 1932 Soviet agriculture, including in the Ukrainian SSR, was largely collectivized.