Oil, Qatar, China & The Global Conflict

China is now working with the Socialist government of Nicaragua to construct an alternative to the Panama Canal that will be controlled by anti-capitalist forces. China has rewarded Nicaragua for its cooperation with a huge amount of investment. The WallREAD ON

Venezuela Under Siege by U.S. Empire

Venezuela has the largest known reserve of oil in the world, and Venezuela controls its own oil, not international corporations; and it uses its oil for the benefit of its people. The U.S. Empire instead wants to control that oilREAD ON

The “Deep State” Then and Now

“…since grasping the present from within is the most problematic task the mind can face.”         — Frederic Jameson ave you ever seen a photograph of yourself from the past and laughed or grimaced at the way you wereREAD ON

Piety and Proscription in the MSM: Noble Imperialists and Dirty Dissidents

The professional class of media sycophants did their damndest throughout the run up to the parliamentary vote in England. Yet the tame and genteel Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party gained dozens of seats while the sniveling varlet Theresa May lost herREAD ON

Russia Trumps Ecocide at the Petroleum Broadcasting System

“The alternative” is underway, aided and abetted by a dominant U.S. media that is absurdly obsessed with RussiaTrump to a degree that is egregiously irresponsible given the pressing significance of other topics, including climate change, the biggest story of ourREAD ON

Trump Has Been Continuing Obama’s Syria-Policy

Now that ISIS in Syria seems to be on its last legs there, only Kurds and Al Qaeda in Syria (and their backers especially the U.S. and Sauds) remain as big threats to Syria’s sovereignty, and the evidence at leastREAD ON

Trump enemy of truth and liberty

The Best Definition of Donald Trump We Have Found In his zeal to prove to his antagonists in the War Party that he is as bloodthirsty as their champion, Hillary Clinton, and more manly than Barack Obama, Trump seems toREAD ON