Does the Washington Post Distribute Fake News?

Eric Zuesse, simulposted at     Regarding Amnesty International’s report, which was issued on 7 February 2017, the invariably cogent “Moon of Alabama blogger headlined and documented appropriately about it the same day, “Hearsay Extrapolated ” Amnesty Claims Mass Executions In Syria, Provides Zero Proof, but one could also say that it provided zero evidence (but lots of allegations).Continue reading

Comeytose in Washington

Wherein Counterpunch’s JEFFREY ST. CLAIR provides one of the best takes on the Comey firing. Trump, who once fired people for a living on TV, bungled the termination of the director of the FBI director so badly that he also succeeded in reigniting a scandal that had started to cool to a slow simmer–and, not incidentally, may have committed the impeachable offense ofContinue reading

Russian Spies Behind Every Christmas Tree

COVER IMAGE: Russian hackers more numerous than previously thought. Image credit to } Crossposted with  One has to wonder if it has anything to do with the Guardian’s shady dealings with George Soros’ secretive Open Society Foundation. Soros makes a fortune from U.S. sponsored regime changes and financial disasters. A regime change in Russia could make him Billions of dollars.Continue reading