Apr 222014
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Because almost 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, there is a good likelihood that the people reading these words have been affected by divorce, in some way.  The stats break down this way: 41% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.  You are more likely to stay married if  you graduated from college, waited until you were at least 26 years old to marry and if you don’t smoke cigarettes.
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Apr 122014
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Revolt, Rebellion and Revolution: some precedents.

Pre-Revolution in America and Successful Revolution in Russia

Non-violence is not enough.

Gaither Stewart

(Rome): As a contribution to the ongoing discussion in America about the what-to-do of the post-OWS period, I have listed here some of the major tactics employed in Russia dating from 1860 which eventually developed into a successful strategy in the Russian Revolution of 1917 that shook the world. Continue reading »

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Apr 102014
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March 30, 2014
As explained by The New Yorker...
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When “politically correct” is taken to its most humorless and idiotic worst.  

Stephen Colbert

On Thursday night, the official Twitter account for “The Colbert Report” committed the comedic sin of delivering a punch line without its setup. The offending tweet, “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever,” was meant to be a satirical analog to the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, whose creation was announced earlier this week by the team’s owner, Daniel Snyder. Continue reading »
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Mar 242014
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ARCHIVES—Articles of note you should have read but missed the first time around. Reposted as a public service.

Steven Jonas, MD, MPH   

As is my wont, on these pages and others, over the years I have visited and revisited various aspects of the subject of 9/11 (1 – 4).  At this time, the subject appears to be worth yet another visit.  We have had two very important articles published on what the Cheney/Bush Administration was told about the al Qaeda threat and what they chose to pay attention to (nothing).  One has received a great deal of worthwhile attention (5), the other not so much (6). Continue reading »

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Mar 202014
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A region of the world that practically no one in the West ever heard of may soon become headlines around the clock as US raises hell again 

Transdniestria may become part of Russia. 52412.jpeg
Get ready for the hypocritical cries of “Russian imperialism” and similar alarums denouncing “a return of Soviet style expansionism”…
Lyuba Lyul’ko
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The Supreme Council of the unrecognized republic of Transdniestria appealed to the State Duma of Russia to provide for the possibility of entering the region in Russia in the Russian legislation. After the events in the Crimean Republic the country is under siege. Ukraine imposed restrictions on travel for Russians in Transnistria through its territory. The border was closed for cargo as well. Continue reading »

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